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I am currently working at the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) as an Executive Staff officer with responsibilities for research, assessment and accountability, certification, curriculum, inclusion, and membership data. I also assist with technology support.

These are all exciting and challenging and they occupy a considerable portion of my time. Education is a critical component of any just society. It is a central component of social renaissance and personal fulfillment. Many of the initiatives by government are extremely counter productive and will ultimately retard our society rather than enabling it.

In the remaining few hours of the day, when I can find them, I like to exercise my passions for woodturning and software development.

The former may ultimately prove to be all-consuming. Please refer to the Bowlworks link to see a gallery of bowls. I think of these as sculpture and pieces may be commissioned. (Unfortunately I have not turned any bowls for a couple of years. Work and diving have intervened. Both are sufficiently enjoyable that this isn't a complaint; it's just the way life twists and turns in unexpected directions. Please take a look at the Travels page.)

The software link is to a collection of programs and utilities I have developed over many years. They are all provided as freeware, although I retain copyright to all programs. If you find them useful, you are most welcome to download them. Please let me know if you find them useful, if you encounter problems or if there are features or functions that would enhance a particular program.

In the coming weeks, months and years I expect to explore more of my interests in these pages. These interests include music, social justice issues, politics, art and, of course, the many, many facets of the extraordinary explosion of information technologies. This all takes time and that is a precious and scarce resource.

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