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Roatan Fantasy Island Resort
We really enjoyed our previous visit to Roatan in January 2009. At that time we stayed at The Reef House. It was time for a return visit. This time we thought we’d go to a resort a little less rustic and chose Fantasy Island for the week of January 7 - 14, 2013. Fantasy Island, like the Reef House, is located on the southern side of the island of Roatan, Honduras. It has a very pleasant main beach along with some secondary beaches and in the cove it shares with Coco View resort, there are good shore diving and snorkelling opportunities. The dive operation was very good and I was able to do twelve dives in the week we were there. Most exciting were the seahorses. In all I saw seven different sea horeses. I haven’t culled any of my pictures of them since they were so neat. On my last dive, we were accompanied by a “friendly” green moray eel. On three occasions it swam right up to my mask or camera, possibly seeing its reflection in the glass. It caught me by surprise the first time, but it did not seem aggressive or threatening. The underwater pictures from the trip are uploaded at Unfortunately, it was very windy for our entire stay and this made snorkelling a problem as well as adding to the challenge of getting in and out of the dive boat. I have a number of bruises as a result. Although the dive operation was excellent, the resort itself was disappointing. In particular the food had virtually no local flavour and, while not bad, was unimaginative. The house wine was undrinkable (both red and white) and the only resort option for wine. The transportation to and from the airport was unsafe as the vehicle was overloaded. It’s unfortunate. The resort has a lot going for it, particularly its beach and the dive shop, but until they improve the food, the drink selection and the transportation (which is really a Sunwing Vacation responsibility), it’s unlikely we’ll return.

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