February 9 - 24, 2015

Henry Morgan Resort

This year our February trip took us to the small Honduran island of Roatan. Unlike Cozumel, Roatan is graced with rugged hills that make an interesting and bouncy journey from the airport to the resort. The Henry Morgan Resort is a small resort on West Bay. It is comfortable and clean. The food is good, although not spectacular. The house wine was reasonable, although it also was not super. The rooms are all in two- story buildings spread out with wooden walkways connecting everything. We were in a 2nd story room with a view back toward the hill and over a courtyard of grass, trees and flowers. It is definitely worth a return visit. The diving was very good. When the wind prevented diving on the island’s north shore, we popped into a van and drove to dive sites on the south shore. All my previous diving in Roatan had been on the south shore so I was keen to explore some of the north shore sites. They did not disappoint! One of the most exciting discoveries was the long-lure frogfish. The seasoned dive master with the resort, Lindy, was exceptional at finding underwater treasures. Another discovery was the black-spotted nudibranch. We came across a couple of octopi on a conch shell. They quickly decided that they did not enjoy all the attention and shot away to recesses in the rocks. Unfortunately, one person in our group of divers had a GoPro on an extension stick. He chased one of the octopus into its safety space with the GoPro leading the attack. The octopus grabbed the camera and ripped it off the stick. The diver still didn’t understand and started jabbing the octopus with the remainder of the extension stick until the octopus dropped the camera and he was able to retrieve it. The diver thought this was a great joke and failed to understand that he was the problem. We did see many more exciting things. An album of images from the trip is available here.
Long-Lure Frogfish Black-spotted Nudibranch